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Sat Sep 20 19:56:17 UTC 2014

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Well, yes. The best way to ensure security online is to never go online.

But for many people this is an unpalatable solution, since it would
involve loosing ways of contacting many of their friends and family.
For many (normally women) fleeing domestic violence, this seems to me
that it is adding an extra hurdle to their escape. One that many
people would not be willing to take, hence return to an abusive
relationship. I don't think it would be beyond the tech talent that's
on this list to come up with some ways to balance risks with utility
on the specific issue of VAW.



On 20/09/14 20:31, bou wrote:
> The best advice that comes to mind to a non-techie victim of this
> kind is to ditch devices and get new ones. Or just ditch them.
> Yes, security  can be expensive. b.
> On 18/09/14 00:08, penguin wrote:
>> Reflecting on my previous message (below, because top posting
>> rules), would any people on this list be up for a project to
>> develop some practical guidance for organisations (and their
>> clients) that work with people who have experienced domestic
>> violence and/or sexual abuse?
>> In my head, such guidance would be a marriage of three things
>> ... 1. A good tech understanding of the risks of this type of 
>> cyberstalking,, and how to mitigate those risks. 2. Being able to
>> convey point 1 in, as far as is possible, a non-techie way. 3.
>> Ensuring that both points 1 & 2 do not in any way come over as 
>> victim blaming.
>> I can do a lot on points 2&3 (but would welcome others getting 
>> involved as well). I'm far less confident on my abilities on
>> point 1 - which is a requirement to developing point 2.
>> Anybody interested in such a project?
>> Cheers
>> G
>> On 17/09/14 22:46, penguin wrote:
>>> Thought this was an interesting & new (to me) reason why
>>> online privacy is so important, and why people need to know how
>>> to control their privacy.
>>> Smartphones Are Used To Stalk, Control Domestic Abuse Victims
>> http://www.npr.org/blogs/alltechconsidered/2014/09/15/346149979/smartphones-are-used-to-stalk-control-domestic-abuse-victims
Extracts ...
>>> You could call it Little Brother, though it's really more like 
>>> husbands and wives, lovers and exes who secretly watch their 
>>> partners — from a distance. They are cyberstalking — using
>>> digital tools that are a lot cheaper than hiring a private
>>> detective.
>>> We found a trend: 85 percent of the shelters we surveyed say 
>>> they're working directly with victims whose abusers tracked
>>> them using GPS. Seventy-five percent say they're working with
>>> victims whose abusers eavesdropped on their conversation
>>> remotely — using hidden mobile apps. And nearly half the
>>> shelters we surveyed have a policy against using Facebook on
>>> premises, because they are concerned a stalker can pinpoint
>>> location.
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