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not exactly a new idea but i'm glad open data groups and ORG groups are
getting into this.

reinventing the internet, to be, er like it was!

nice one

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On 20th October, Open Data Manchester who we've worked with before, are hosting a special workshop on data co-operatives.

1pm to 5.30pm, venue TBC.
Tickets : https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/open-data-cooperation-advanced-booking-tickets-12929633883

An afternoon of scene setting and workshops creating a framework for building data cooperatives. This event is for anyone working in this area and is a must for people who are interested in new forms of cooperative structure, open data, data custodianship and data rights.

The event follows on from previous sessions run in Manchester and Berlin. It is open and free to participate.

Why create a data cooperative?

Our modern, technologised society exists on data. Our everyday interactions leave a trace that is often invisible and unknown to us. The services that we interact with, the daily transactions that we make and the way we negotiate through our everyday generate data, building a picture of who we are and what we do. This data also enables aggregators to predict, personalise and intervene seamlessly and sometimes invisibly. Even for the most technically literate, keeping track of what we do and don’t give away is daunting. There is a need to stem the unbridled exploitation of personal data by both public and private organisations, to empower individuals to have more control over the data they create, and for people to have more of a say in the services that are built upon and informed by this data. Data cooperatives may help rebalance the relationship between those that create data and those that seek to exploit it whilst also creating the environment for fair and consensual exchange.

A synopsis of the discussion that took in Berlin can be found : http://wp.me/p1ZGjp-8B

Tom Chiverton
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