[HacktionLab] Prep for the weekend.

Mick Chesterman mickfuzz at clearerchannel.org
Thu Dec 3 06:38:39 UTC 2015

As a bit of preparation,

For those that are coming can I draw your attention to a couple of
projects that might be good test cases for a couple of workshops.

1) a project to make a cross platform mobile app with ionic and cordova
using the Tech Tools for Activism booklet -

2) a fork of an angular.js / react project of teach.mozilla.org.

We are doing some work in Manchester around informal learning skills and
want to use this page as base for representing our work.

I figure such a specific and achievable goal could be a good one for a
weekend hack.

nice one

On 02/12/15 20:35, Mick Chesterman wrote:
> Hi there,
> Is there anything we should to to prep for the weekend?
> I was wondering if anyone has any server space which we can use for
> testing. Especially for the Angular workshops?
> nice one
> Mick
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