[HacktionLab] Follow-up from BarnCamp 2015

BarnCamp barncamp2015 at hacktionlab.org
Fri Jul 17 19:12:03 UTC 2015

Dear Barncampers,

Thanks for coming to Barncamp 2015. Your contributions to the event, 
large and small, plus the good cheer and heartiness you brought with you 
made it the best BarnCamp yet. Hooray for us all!

If the revelry has effected your memories, or just if you want reminding 
of the scope of all that went on, take a peep at the notes [1] and media 
[2] that people have contributed so far.

Do you have any photos, notes, media recordings or other documents that 
you'd like to add? You can either send them to us at 
barncamp2015 at hacktionlab.org, or ask us for a login for the wiki if 
you'd rather do it yourself.

We'd really like to keep you informed about future events that we're 
going to put on, especially this coming winter when we might have an 
urban gathering somewhere Northern, at which we might start planning the 
next BarnCamp among other things. Please sign up to the hacktionlab 
mailing list [3] if you haven't already, so you'll both hear about it 
and get the opportunity to join in the operations. Topics of interest 
are also discussed sometimes, but the amount of traffic on the list is 
quite low. If you get this email twice it'll be because you're already 
on it.

We're always interested to find out what you thought about BarnCamp. 
Some people have already given feedback on a poster at the event [4]. 
Some of us have discussed this and thought that in future we should 
print out the Safer Spaces agreement [5] on the info-wall, and draw 
people's attention to it on arrival. We also think the point about 
making the politics more tangible is important for everybody to consider 
themselves. Inviting more diverse groups of people is something that 
we'll need volunteers for, so if you want to do that you could start 
writing a list.

If there's anything else you want to say about what was good or bad, 
please reply to barncamp2015 at hacktionlab.org to let us know.

Here's hoping you had as much fun as we did and that you left with some 
useful knowledge and connections that you can use to make the world a 
better place.

See you soon!

[3] https://lists.aktivix.org/mailman/listinfo/hacktionlab

BarnCamp 2015
19,20,21 June 2015
Lower Wye Valley
England & Wales

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