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Thought this may be of interest to some on the list:

"It’s dinned into us from birth that ‘all good things come at a price’.
Today, that price looks apocalyptic, with wars, exploitation and
environmental collapse in every part of the globe. Some suggest that the
carnage is “a price worth paying” for technological progress. No pain,
no gain.

But technology is precisely the business of minimising the costs and
impacts of existence… and by whole orders of magnitude. By now, all
human beings should be leading creative, leisure-filled lives in a
pristine world of burgeoning diversity. So how did it go so wrong? In a
word, inequality. In The Bleeding Edge, Bob Hughes argues that unequal
societies are incapable of using new technologies well. Wherever elites
exist, self-preservation decrees that they must take control of new
technologies to protect and entrench their status, rather than satisfy
people’s needs."

I can probably get hold of copies for review if you give me a shout off

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