[HacktionLab] BarnCamp 2017 Workshops Call-out

Charlie Harvey charlie at newint.org
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A couple of things that I don when I take photos at barncamp.

1. I make people aware that I'm going to do so and ask people to let me
know if they don't want their pics taking at all and remind them that
they can always let me know if they don't want a pic taking at the time.

2. If I need to delete a pic I do the camera delete but once the pics
are off I bleachbit the card to reduce the chances of recovering the
deleted file. dd-ing from /dev/random until the card is full would
probably do it too.


On 06/04/17 11:03, sean wrote:
> Hi all,
> My film student daughter is keen to attend Barn camp and make a small doc
> (maybe for marketing next year?!), she'll obviously need some guidelines,
> which maybe we can thrash out on the wiki, but in principle is everyone OK
> with this? I'm her Dad, so probably not best placed to judge.
> Sean
> On 5 April 2017 at 19:07, Mike Harris <mike at mbharris.co.uk> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Got any ideas for workshops or talks for this year's BarnCamp?
>> There's some stuff up there already, but it would be great to have yours
>> as well.
>> If you've got Wiki access add them to the page at
>> https://hacktionlab.org/BarnCamp_2017_ideas_scratchpad
>> If not just holler and I'll set you up with a login.
>> Cheers,
>> Mike.
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