[HacktionLab] Survey results

mark mark at aktivix.org
Mon Jul 24 20:50:00 UTC 2017

Mike Harris:
> We should send the links to the survey results and photos out to all the
> attendees, as not everyone who came is on this list.  Shall I do this?

Please spread it far & wide! I've already announced the results to -

 - this list
 - everyone who completed the survey and left contact details (with
thanks etc.)
 - Sam, re. feedback for the kitchen
 - Gaz, re. feedback for Stepping Stones coop

So yes, if there are people who came but are in none of those sets, they
still need to hear.

Also maybe push it out on any social media / IM channels - I know some
of the young'uns don't like email so much.

Good stuff,

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