[HacktionLab] Liftshare Etherpad - not working?

Tom Lord toml at aptivate.org
Tue May 30 13:52:36 UTC 2017

If it's bust and too time consuming to fix then our etherpad server 
should stay up for the duration - http://lopad.org

On 30/05/2017 13:26, Mike Harris wrote:
> P.S.  Sorry it was Mark that pointed out the Etherpad, not Vale.  I
> can't get to it at the moment, can anyone else?
> El 30/05/2017 a les 13:22, Mike Harris ha escrit:
>> Hi Michael,
>> Please don't worry about the kitten, it's harmless really.
>> As Vale says there's the liftshare etherpad, but I'm not convinced it
>> really works well.  I don't though have any other ideas about how to put
>> people in contact with each other; not everyone on this list is going,
>> and many that are going are not on this list.
>> There's also an issue with people taking public transport.  If one gets
>> a bus or train to Chepstow and then is looking to get up to Redbrook,
>> the bus service finishes at around 6.30pm.  This means that it'll be
>> hard to get up to the farm without taking a taxi.
>> I think perhaps we ought to put an email out to all current people
>> signed, poing the the etherpad, and let folks sort themselves out.
>> Is that a good plan?
>> Cheers,
>> Mike.
>> El 30/05/2017 a les 09:13, Michael Reinsborough ha escrit:
>>> Yes I am definitely coming- sorry haven't signed up yet but meaning to do that soon.  There was some scaly creature and a kitten on the entrance advertising email to the signup and that scared me away initially but will do sign up.
>>> I am not coming from London but just to ask if there are any people driving - I think there were quite a few larc people looking for a ride.  Did that get sorted out?
>>> Best, Michael
>>>    07729785327
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>>> Subject: Re: [HacktionLab] workshops?
>>> Hi Michael,
>>> To add to what Valentina offered, another BarnCamper who's coming
>>> mentioned to me also about sharing some Linux Video knowledge.
>>> We'll also have some people there doing some filming and interviewing
>>> for the event, and they've said their up for being involved in the workshop.
>>> Is that enough to make you sign up (I had a quick glance and you don't
>>> seem to have) ? ;)
>>> Cheers,
>>> Mike.
>>> El 19/05/2017 a les 15:23, Michael Reinsborough ha escrit:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> excited to hear that Barncamp is up and camping again this year!
>>>> Question re workshops:  is anyone verse on video editing?  I would love to get a workshop on how to do video editing!
>>>>    and of interest also would be off-grid battery technology if anyone knows that stuff
>>>> in rural solidarity, Michael
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