[HacktionLab] Portable Livestreaming set-up

Lukas Hornby lukas.hornby at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 12:34:05 UTC 2018


I've been playing around with a rudimentary live-streaming set-up, in order
to stream audio, camera feeds and mixed video from VJing apps to a large
(100k) facebook group that specialises in original art on the theme of

Now the problem I have encountered is maintaining a reliable connection for
the stream. The set-up is portable because a) the livestream is done from
different venues and b) those venue don't typically have any internet
connection or if they do it is too unreliable. Our target resolution for
the video stream is pretty low, a 854x480 will do. We have 2-3 4G
connections available to us at any one time which we use tethered to one

Someone in our group recommended we try Speedify which does connection
bonding (something we want to do) and attempts redundancy and load
balancing. I think that we can achieve all of this with pfsense a lot
better than speedify can, but I haven't used it before. So my question is,
does anyone have any experience live-streaming over 4G connections, using
connection bonding and can you share your set-up and tips? I know your
first suggestion might be don't use facebook, but this livestream is
centered around this particular facebook group.

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