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Patrice Riemens patrice at xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 5 10:28:41 UTC 2018


Now the 'Slavonians' have come for real, straight out of NYC! ;-)

But OK, I stand corrected ...

Cheerio, p+7D!

(et mes excuses aux listes francophones pour l'Englishe ...)

Bonne Annee, Happy NY a tou/te/s! to All!



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* Literally "Nothing Will Happen", but "Nothing Will Happen Here" might 
in fact
   be a better idiomatic translation (http://www.nsnd.org/)
* NSND is held all over Yugoslavia. Moravice is one of the newer venues,
   having started in 2006 I guess.
* I doubt many attendees used Java. My contribution was the absense of
* Marcell spoke of https://vuejs.org/, and his library is
* We did discuss blockchains and distributed ledgers, though we focused 
   implementation and did not get in to the politics.
* "Ramajana" in the local language

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