[HacktionLab] Need advice on data privacy for Sheffield Tree Protest

Charlie Harvey charlie at newint.org
Tue Jan 23 14:59:23 UTC 2018

On 23/01/18 14:36, naomi wrote:


> ... the cops say
> that they cannot investigate a crime unless the victim supplies their
> name and address. 

IANAL but that sounds like bollocks to me.

Anyone can report a crime, not just the victim.

One way to do it is get some folks (who are OK with the pigs getting
their details) to act as legal observers. They can witness any criminal
behaviour by private security and report it without having to know who
the victim was. If you can it will be worth getting video evidence of
the police refusing to investigate an assault. That'll get in your local
paper, and probably an apology.

Worth asking Bindmans for some legal advice? https://www.bindmans.com/

> 2. Some protestors are concerned that Amey or private security personnel
> might be using IMSI catchers to spy on them. I believe this is extremely
> unlikely, because such companies will not have the tech or the
> expertise, and would not take the risk of being prosecuted for it. Also
> that if they are doing it, it is highly illegal, and if proved, someone
> would go to jail and the company reputation would be stuffed. Is that
> correct?

Maybe, dunno. There's an Android app for detecting IMSI catchers, might
be worth a test:



Couple more useful legal resources which might help:



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