[HacktionLab] techtoolsforactivism.org’s could not be found.

naomi naomi at aktivix.org
Thu Jan 25 18:23:50 UTC 2018

The domain is still in the hands of friends

If anyone wants to resurrect the project ...

On 25/01/18 18:20, bou wrote:
> On 24/01/18 14:08, Mike Harris wrote:
>> there was a static archive of the site created and it's online at
>> https://network23.org/ttfa/
>> we also keep the short link re-director up at https://ttfa.net and
>> this redirects to the static site
>> I'm not sure who the domains, such as techtoolsforactivism.org, were
>> registered with and who was paying the bills, but I guess, having
>> declared this project dead, they let the domain registrations lapse,
>> and saved themselves a few notes
>> hope that helps,
> Yes it does help a lot, thank you.
> I passed on the info, and no I don't know who the long domain was
> registered with.
> Thanks again
> bou
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