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Mon Jun 25 12:13:11 UTC 2018

Hi there,

I'm up for helping this project out. They have already been in contact
with Taschanka about server space, and I have some serverspace for FLOSS
Manuals which is an option as well.

So I think the challenge here is to make it as low maintenance as
possible, whilst still offering the ability for updates to be made of
I've been talking to them about static site generators as one tactic.

Is anyone up for trying out a few static site generators with a sample
of content (say 10 entries) and a wish list of what such an archive
would want?

I'm up for giving it a go but I would want it all to be pretty realistic
in terms of the features, and don't want to go down a complex metadata

Let me know if you are interested off list, or if you have any ideas for
good systems to try on list if you are up for it.


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Hi Mick

Thanks for chatting...
Here's a recap while it's fresh in the mind:

The archive will be a combination of three things:

* rehosting of old html-only static sites.

* digitising old paper media pre-internet - hosting repositories of
  - The largest proportion of the work with these is prior to going into
a web repository: scanning, preparing scanned pages with Photoshop/Gimp
batches, assembling into PDFs, in many instances OCR and sometimes
recreating pages with OCR'ed text re-laid out in matching font etc. 
  - Then there's the work of indexing and making contents pages and
maximising the possibilities of searchability with digitised paper
  - Then there's writing up background, history and reference
information for these old publications.
  - Then finally there's the making of websites which will present and
contain these repositories. Which leads us onto...

* Leaving it till last because it's probably the most challenging area
of this in terms of web admin:
  - on one hand there's the task of taking old (or even current) CMS
sites and turning them into more future-proof, secure and
low-maintenance static sites. 
  - but the biggest question is around how to do the sites for the old
media repositories: is it about using something like Jekyll where the
site is built on a server which outputs static pages, which go online.
Or is it just as convenient to set up an offline CMS site like Wordpress
etc and use outputted static pages from that for a site? Or is it just a
case of setting up html/css templates, and just paste the content in and
build up the site old-school like that?

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