[HacktionLab] We need to get a move on

naomi naomi at aktivix.org
Sat Apr 13 18:53:13 UTC 2019

Hi hacktivists,

We really need to get started soon if we are to make Barncamp happen
this year.

Please can you have a look at the Tasks page -
https://hacktionlab.org/2019_Tasks -  which has been edited by Mark and
is now arranged in an organised manner, instead of the random pile I

Each section requires a working group of a few people.

If you would like to help with any of these areas please either edit the
wiki (you can ask me or Mark for an account) or tell this list.

Let's see how this goes. By the 22nd of April if there are not enough
volunteers then we might need to think about cancelling the plan after
all :( So if you possibly can offer anything, and you want Barncamp to
go ahead, we need to hear from you!

Love & Chaos


Authority is like sex: it requires enthusiastic consent from all parties.

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