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mark mark at aktivix.org
Tue Apr 23 21:38:37 UTC 2019

Thanks Mick

I've had a try at thinking through how it could be made smaller/beanier,
and Mike's made some suggestions.

The trouble I found was that even if, for example, we have fewer spaces,
someone still needs to form a team that takes responsibility for
sourcing the right stuff to make that number of spaces usable. Even if
we have fewer drinks available, someone still needs to take on buying
them and getting them there. So we still need people to step up and take
on responsibilities.

The template we've started with was chosen because we know that it
works, and every part of it was there for a good reason. That doesn't
mean that it can't be changed, but when it was proposed (in our
13-person off-list discussion) nobody objected or had a better
suggestion at that time.

That doesn't mean it can't be changed though.

How would you change it to make it less scary?


mickfuzz at clearerchannel.org:
> Hi there Mark and everyone,
> I'd be up for helping if it gets re-imagined in a smaller form.
> It seems a but much more like Barn Camp rather than Bean Camp at the moment.
> I had a look at the Task list but got a bit scared.
> Thanks
> Mick
> On 22/04/2019 12:39, HacktionLab and BarnCamp news and details over
> upcoming events wrote:
>> Hi Hacktionlab,
>> Just over a week ago, we wrote to say that we needed to get a move on
>> with our organising, if BarnCamp 2019 was to stand a chance of going
>> ahead.
>> Since then we've also been in touch with lots of people individually
>> to ask for help. We'd like to say thanks very much to those few who
>> have volunteered, but sadly we're still nowhere near the level of
>> volunteer commitment that we would need for the event to work. Even if
>> we simplify and cut-back on some things, there are still lots of
>> essential tasks that don't have enough people signed up to them.
>> So, we've decided to give us all one last chance to volunteer. It's a
>> participatory event, and that means you need to figure out how you
>> will be contributing if you want the event to go ahead, and let the
>> rest of the group know.
>> The page where you sign up to tasks is on our wiki here:
>> https://hacktionlab.org/2019_Tasks
>> If you don't have a wiki account, ask mark at aktivix.org or
>> naomi at aktivix.org to create one for you.
>> The weakest areas at the moment, which could really do with more
>> person-power, are:
>>  - liaising with the farm
>>  - sourcing & bringing equipment
>>  - arranging night-time entertainment
>> Remember if you're writing someone else's name down in a group that
>> they need to have given their permission, and contact details to other
>> people in the group.
>> We've set a deadline of lunchtime on Wednesday 24th April. We'll then
>> re-assess whether BarnCamp can go ahead, even in a reduced form. If we
>> still haven't seen enough viable working groups form, we'll call it off.
>> I hope we don't have to...
>> Cheers,
>> Mark and Naomi
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