[HacktionLab] Only 2 days left to save BarnCamp2019

Patrice Riemens patrice at xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 24 13:15:08 UTC 2019

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> Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2019 20:49:57 +0100
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> Hi there Mark and everyone,
> I'd be up for helping if it gets re-imagined in a smaller form.
> It seems a but much more like Barn Camp rather than Bean Camp at the 
> moment.
> I had a look at the Task list but got a bit scared.
> Thanks
> Mick
> Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2019 22:38:37 +0100
> From: mark <mark at aktivix.org>
> To: hacktionlab at lists.aktivix.org
> Thanks Mick
> I've had a try at thinking through how it could be made 
> smaller/beanier,
> and Mike's made some suggestions.
> The trouble I found was that even if, for example, we have fewer 
> spaces,
> someone still needs to form a team that takes responsibility for
> sourcing the right stuff to make that number of spaces usable. Even if
> we have fewer drinks available, someone still needs to take on buying
> them and getting them there. So we still need people to step up and 
> take
> on responsibilities.
> The template we've started with was chosen because we know that it
> works, and every part of it was there for a good reason. That doesn't
> mean that it can't be changed, but when it was proposed (in our
> 13-person off-list discussion) nobody objected or had a better
> suggestion at that time.
> That doesn't mean it can't be changed though.
> How would you change it to make it less scary?
> Mark


That feeling of scariness didn't hit me, but it would surely have if I 
intended to be actually part of the preparations. But I can't, even 
though I really support re-doing a BarnCamp, and then, not 'even', but 
preferably in a more modest form.

The feeling I recognize from the Tarnac Transhackmeeting last Summer. I 
was at the 2003 one in Pula in 2003 and what struck me was how the 
organisation had become so much more sophisticated, esp in tech terms. 
It remained totally DIY/Volunteer-based, and yet it seemed so much more 
structured. It put me of and in the end I did not go. I took it for a 
sigh of the time, a symptom of densification and acceleration which is 
the hallmark of the anthroposcene. But maybe I am overdoing it.


I cannot offer help in organising, or even promise presence. I'd like 
very much to, but I am stuck with all kinds of obligations which are not 
even full-hearted commitments. If I come, I would 'merely' reinstall and 
run the Turkish samovar (for tea).

I wish all good luck and strength and really hope BarnCamp 2019 will 
lift of!

Cheers to all,
patrizio & Diiiinooos!
(cat-sitting in Olso, and yet stressed)

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