[HacktionLab] The 2019 Barncamp Enquiry

Ben Green ben at bristolwireless.net
Wed Jul 10 15:23:23 UTC 2019

Hi all,

we failed to make Barncamp happen this year. We were so close, but logistics.

I've said I'll manage a process whereby we go through what want wrong  
and make suggestions for the future, hopefully leading up to us  
organising Barncamp 2020 with a better vision (Pun intended).

Who should be involved in this process? Anyone who helped trying to  
organise Barncamp this year. Anyone who wants to help next year.

Why have I sent this to the Hacktionlab list? For simplicity of  
catching most of the people, in lieu of wanting a better list.

Anyway, first off here's a few suggested questions I'd like people to answer:

What went wrong?

What could we do to prevent those things going wrong again?

How did you feel about the process of trying to organise Barncamp 2019?

Would you be willing to try to help organise next year in 2020?

Does anyone want to add any more questions before I figure out a full  
list of people I want to send this out to?

I should allow for the possibility of anonymity for submissions, so I  
think we should allow submissions of answers via email, but also my  
any secure messaging service people require, perhaps an online pad of  
some sort.

All and any comments on how I should proceed with the barncamp enquiry  
please send them to the list.


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