[HacktionLab] HacktionCamp 2022 - can you make it - a quick roll call

ekes ekes at aktivix.org
Sat Apr 23 14:24:41 UTC 2022

Mick Fuzz:
> I wanted to try to get a sense if we can make the event "Confirmed" in
> that if we can get about 10 people saying they are coming for sure then
> we can really start planning, and I think it helps people confirm taking
> a day or so off work too if they want to. 
> To help with that I've created a role call at the start of this pad page
> for your name or alias - or you can email me or Mike off list.
> https://pad.riseup.net/p/hacktionlab-2022
> You can put down maybe if you are not sure. and we promise no high
> pressure sales calls.

So we're about 10 confirmed? It's ON?

I'm just about to book some travels so am prodding the confirmation ;-)

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