[HacktionLab] Workshops update

m3shrom m3shrom at riseup.net
Fri Jun 3 20:47:53 UTC 2022

Hi there,

Many thanks for the workshops proposed so far. Please do keep them
coming and have a think about little / lighting talks / discussion
topics also even if they are informal.
On Friday as people arrive me and Clara will work with people to arrange
the schedule of workshops and talks.

If you are new to BarnCamp, we've done this before and it usually works
pretty well. It's a mix of well prepared workshops and talks and
sometimes ad-hoc smaller ones - other non-tech workshops are welcome
too. Normally very welcome!

At the moment the programme is likely to be nearly all on Saturday and
But if you are going to be arriving before 2pm on Friday, could you let
me know. If there is a critical mass of over 8 or so people we could do
some earlier workshops / sessions on Friday too.
There may be a better way of working this out, if you have ideas then
let me know.


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