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Ember Burns em at nvcdojo.org
Thu Jun 9 11:09:54 UTC 2022


Sorry not to be able to join you this weekend as I had planned to. I really wanted to escape the virutal and do something real with you.

I wanted to share this. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/manifestival-of-dreams-tickets-344143290847 I found these online parties really wonderful and got involved during lockdown. and they are doing another on Sat/SUn. it might be that people here are curious around it, or want to join in on saturday/sunday.

I foudn them interesting for trying to push the boundaries of what might be possible online. What I was surprised around was that the quality of connection with others that I frequently experienced was 'deeper' than I had imagined it might be. And as a result, developed connections with people around the world, through online party spaces, that would not have happened were it not for the lockdown.  Because I live in a small rural town in Scotland, this potential was very interesting to me.

NOw, technically they developed some interesting ways to link zoom rooms together. At the start it was a simple webpage with an image with 'hot spots' that linked to different rooms.  but over time they developed their 'playa'... There are aspects of it that I dont like (privacy issues with firebase for example) but... they did build an interesting platform that supported a jazz club in london and a virtual burning man.  i loved being able to sit in a 'booth' in a jazz bar, listneing to the live jazz and chatting with other people, or being able to stand 'at the bar' and chat with many others. As well as a bunch of other weird and very wonderful experiences.

https://sparklespace.com/  https://github.com/sparkletown  videos with it are here:https://www.facebook.com/corealitycollective/videos/co-reality-collective-virtual-burn-on-sparkleverse/1319769521772099/  CRC webtsite: https://co-reality.co/

I doubt that they will do many more parties.  the tickets are 1 dollar minimum. and you might enjoy popping in at different times during their 12 hour party.

And... i doubt that you will want to do that, as you will be fully present at the hacktionlab!

with warmth


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