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As a compromise, one of the groups I mentioned in my talk has a setup whereby their chat channels on discord are bridged to Matrix channels (https://matrix.org/) such that all of the messages are shared between the two channels.

I don't think they have any audio or video channels bridged also, but I'm sure a client could probably be setup up to relay the audio between a discord audio channel and a matrix VOIP channel, if desired also.

Ben (from Scotland)

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On 16 Nov 2022, 07:53, Mick wrote:

> Hi there, I'm interested in this and have an account on the discord server. I struggle with the experience of online events rather than the technology used to be honest. I've done somethings with Geeks for Social change and happy to vouch for them getting things done / suppporting open standards etc. This is a good project for example - https://resistancelab.network/ I had been thinking to try to jointly organise last summers Hacktion Camp with them but didn't in the spirit of keeping things more family and small scale. But it could be a fruitful collaboration for a future real life event perhaps. Ember was was the alternative online event software you mentioned before? Would you suggest that as an alternative? nice one Mick On 15/11/2022 13:11, Charlie Harvey wrote: > Hi, > > https://gfsc.studio/2022/11/14/announcing-untechcon.html > > Geeks for Social Change are organising a one-day unconference about > creating community digital autonomy, challenging big tech, and creating > a future worth living in. It's on December 10th and hosted on GFSC's > discord. > > (On/offline) Agency | Algorithms / AI / ML | Anarchism | Antiracism | > Antifascism | Bleeps | Bloops | (No) Borders | Case studies | Capability > approach | Community development | Community technology partnerships | > Crypto hate | Distributed networks | Disability activism | DIY repair | > DIYHRT | Digital inclusion | FLOSS | Genderhacking | Hardware | Low > power computing | Luddites | Military-industrial complex | > Permacomputing |Prison abolition | Privacy | Programming socks | Reuse | > Salvage | Supply chains | Surveillance capitalism | Sustainability | > Technosolutionism | [Trans/glitch/xeno/???] + feminism | Web 1.0 | > > Cheers, > > > _______________________________________________ > HacktionLab mailing list > HacktionLab at lists.aktivix.org > https://lists.aktivix.org/mailman/listinfo/hacktionlab _______________________________________________ HacktionLab mailing list HacktionLab at lists.aktivix.org https://lists.aktivix.org/mailman/listinfo/hacktionlab
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