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Thu Aug 13 17:06:34 BST 2009

*Bull Run Watershed Tour - Aug 22*
A few spaces still available, feel free to tell friends and family!
Cost is $10 payable to HAND for full day tour of our pristine watershed.
*Muddy Boot*
We are scheduled to conduct a neighborhood sustainability discussion at the
Muddy Boot festival on *Sunday, September 13 from 5-6PM*. This is a very
exciting opportunity to discuss sustainability issues with neighbors. The
workshop lineup at Muddy Boot is stellar, and it will be a great festival.
 Please email me or call at 503-320-3660 if you would like to participate in
creating this workshop. We can meet sometime next week to begin planning the
At this point, it is a blank slate, though we do have the possibility of
coordinating this meeting with the Ainsworth Street Collective.
*The Green Team Listserv*
A reminder that we have the HAND Green Team listserv for the announcement of
neighborhood sustainability issues... Feel free to send any sustainability
related neighborhood announcements or messages to
handgreenteam at lists.aktivix.org
While I am the moderator of this list, that is only because I created it.
While I have a long history and background working on sustianability issues
in the built environment, I hope that any of you feel open to send messages
using the email address above, thereby making this list an effective mthod
of sharing neighborhood sustainability ideas.
Ethan Timm
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