[HANDgreenteam] Presentation on Streambank: a new approach for accelerating restoration

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Wed Apr 14 22:09:45 UTC 2010

*StreamBank—Speeding the Pace of Restoration*

Brownbag Lunch
Wednesday, April 28
Noon to 1 pm
Portland Building Auditorium (2nd Floor)
1120 SW Fifth
Portland, OR  97204

Alan Horton, Managing Director of The Freshwater Trust, will describe
StreamBank, a new path for accelerating the pace and expanding the scale of
on-the-ground restoration work. StreamBank is a new web-based platform that
enables landowners and restoration professionals to efficiently permit and
fund a restoration project.

Developed by The Freshwater Trust, StreamBank streamlines the process for
funding and permitting restoration projects. The result—conservation efforts
that formerly could take years to complete, can now take just months.

Working with landowners, local restoration professionals initiate a
restoration project by logging on to the web site and completing a series of
project-specified screen flows (think Turbo Tax® for restoration).

   - automatically populates required forms, saving users significant time
   and benefitting regulatory agencies with electronic delivery of forms and
   required documents, reducing errors and processing time;
   - uses Google Maps and GIS technology to connect landowners with local
   restoration professionals, identify local species and recommended
   conservation strategies, and match projects with potential funders;
   - applies a science-based prioritization system to projects to ensure
   maximum ecological benefits;
   - matches project information to agency and private funder criteria; and,
   - generates a budget and RFPs for local contractors and fills out the
   appropriate forms for permitting.

More information on The Freshwater Trust and StreamBank can be found by
clicking here

This special brown-bag is sponsored by the City of Portland’s Office of
Healthy Working Rivers http://www.portlandonline.com/river  and is in
addition to the regularly scheduled River-In-Focus brownbag slated for
Tuesday, April 20th).

For more information, please call 503-823-0275
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