[HANDgreenteam] Fwd: Elementary School Kids Seeking Small Plot to Garden in!

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Fri Apr 29 00:04:13 UTC 2011

Hello HAND and FLAG friends-

Can you please forward this message along to the HAND folks? Or any other
neighbors? This year we will have Abernethy families/stewards signed up to
tend garden plots over the summer, and we'll also use them during our summer
camp through August.
Thanks! Sarah

Hello Abernethy neighbors-

We are seeking a small plot in the neighborhood for the Abernethy Elementary
children to garden in this year. It doesn't have to be huge: a parking strip
would be great, or a small plot on the corner of a lot. A public space
(outside of a business) would be best, but a private residence could work
too. The idea is to empower our 4th and 5th graders to tend a small garden
off of the school property because they are, after all, local gardening
experts after 5-6 years of class in the garden of wonders! We will focus on
food security and environmental stewardship through community gardening
during this unit.

We'll need permission to bring 2 classes onto the property 1-2 times/week
through July. We will grow some crops that can be harvested in the fall
(squash, beans, herbs) that won't require much attention, and we'd be happy
to give some of the harvest back to whomever donates space. We'll also plant
a cover crop for you and some garlic in the fall.

Last year we gardened at Hankin Hardware. This year that garden space will
be used by Castagna (restaurant). You can stop by Hankin to see garden the
kids planted last year. Thanks to our 5th graders for their hard work!

Contact: Sarah Sullivan, Abernethy School Kitchen Garden Coordinator
Email: gardenofwonderssarah at gmail.com
Phone 503-307-5531

Thank you-
Sarah Sullivan
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