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Alster alster at indymedia.org
Sun Nov 5 05:28:42 GMT 2006

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mat(a)riseup.net wrote:
> Alster, thanks for creating the list at aktivix.org
> Now, about admins, things must be easy to admin, only accept mails from
> suscribed people and discard all the other mails.
> This should reduce to almost 0 the admin tasks.
> What people think about this ?

Good point. I changed it accordingly. Now that there is ~zero moderation
duty, could someone else volunteer to be a second list admin, please? I
don't like to be the single point of failure.

Mat: you forwarded your subscription password to the mailing list with
your last email. I suggest you change it if you haven't already done so.

For something completely different:
Several people subscribed to this mailing list using @indymedia.org
email addresses. This makes little sense if this mailing list is meant
ot be used when sarai is not available, as the indymedia.org MX won't be
accessible at this time either. Here's a list of these subscribers:
 	bart at indymedia.org
 	gaba at indymedia.org
 	gdm at indymedia.org
 	switzerland at indymedia.org

I suggest you use a different email address for receiving email from
this list. You can keep these addresses signed up and set the 'nomail'
option in your preferences so that you can still post from these addresses.

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