[Imc-tech-emerg] domain registrars, was: [IMC-Tech] indymedia.org domain name issue summary

maxigas maxigas at anargeek.net
Tue Aug 18 00:02:36 BST 2009

From: ana <ana at aktivix.org>
Subject: domain registrars, was: [Imc-tech-emerg] [IMC-Tech] indymedia.org domain name issue summary
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 18:29:17 +0000 (UTC)

> Hi,
> alongside maxigas's option, I would like the following options to be
> looked at:
> nearlyfreespeech.net
> RedBlackandGreen.net
> enom.com - seems to be based in Chicago (USA) and running Windows.
> alto it would be good to ask the collectives listed here:
> http://help.riseup.net/resources/
> and the signatories of the manifesto here,
> http://aktivix.org
> what registrar they use and their experiences with them.
> this might be the beginning of a "proper" research?
> in any case, i'd prefer this list to stick to the purely technical
> aspects of each options, i.e. what they require of us including
> moneys, and the more political ones, i.e. whether the company that
> runs the service operates like a collective or an NGO, whether it is
> necessary or not for indymedia to not provide a real name to the
> registrar, for instance, to lists like the communication list, for
> discussion, and then a concrete proposal to be sent to process list.

GreenNet is not a radical provider, it is an "ethical" provider, so it would be really nice to
find a solution within out own political horizon.  i think another aspect to consider whether the
provider of choice has a history of continuity and whether we can find somebody who have
experience with them.

if nobody has the time to write to the providers that ana posted i can take on the responsibility
of gathering the necessary information from them.  i can say i can try to come back with the info
in 2 weeks' time.


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