[knowledgelab] hi

magduv magduv at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 17:22:16 GMT 2005

hi everybody,

My name is Misha aka magduv. I'm from Kiev, Ukraine. I'm one of
editors of Russian language Indymedia [http://ru.indymedia.org] and
www.zaraz.org. On last i made some projects including
http://v-distro.zaraz.org (downloads from abroad only throug GEANT
network) and public anticopyright action with publishing in net of
russian version of "No logo" book by Naomi Klein
[http://www.zaraz.org/nologo.php] (still publishing last scanned

Now with workgroup i'm developing separate informational site
dedicated to topics of copy/left/right, political tech, grassroot
media, pryvacy, infopolitics etc. The main goals of project are to
make ukrainian open source developers more political, political
activists more "open source" and to unite their efforts.

I can make some kind of presentation with title "Tender friendship of
Mr.Gates and Mr.Yushchenko or how Microsoft make us love 'em" about
entering of Microsoft (with law support) in governmental organisations
and in sphere of education in Ukraine and perspective of such act.
With overview of couple of counter efforts on different levels and
short overview of ukrainian law on open licenses.


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