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Anthony McCann songcraft at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 18 18:47:55 GMT 2005

I remember looking at Maturana and Varela and being initially interested and ultimately very disappointed. In my work I have found that work based on those kinds of biological and mathematical modelling are likely to spin us back to where we don't really might not want to go. At least that's what I've found in relation to where I would like to go with my thinking. The problem with so much of it is that they often assume closed systems in one way or another as a starting point. 
  I *am* interested in situations that might seem to be adequately described as autopoietic or systemic, but I assume such descriptions to be limited and limiting, as they often allow for the substitution of description for explanation. I don't find autopoeisis or systems theory to provide adequate explanatory models at all. 
  I have certain not dissimilar issues with chaos and complexity theories as well.
  I'm not too keen on getting involved in extended email discussion about such things, by the way (life's too short, and email doesn't allow for endless qualification without an extra few days in the week) but am happy to chat with people in person, if I ever get the chance :)
  All the best
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