[knowledgelab] structure of lab2: programme in the making

mp m.pedersen at lancaster.ac.uk
Wed Nov 23 22:45:21 GMT 2005

let's get things in order! :)

#1: local meeting (see below): any objections to the proposal to meet
Sat, Dec. 3? Any remoters fancy coming? Speak out!

#2: Regarding the structure for the lab there is a program skeleton
here: http://knowledgelab.org.uk/wiki/Lab2Programme
This sets out how much time and space we have to play with it, summed up
here (and below):

#3: i propose that if the meeting goes ahead it will be in an attempt to
synthesise what people have been expressing, both in terms of structure
and themes, on the list and at the first lab, and try to fit together a
programme pulling things together according to the skeleton.

#4: but even if this initiative is acceptable some more input is needed.
There is a page where you can stick up your proposal:
http://knowledgelab.org.uk/wiki/Aul/CurriculumIntroduction by proposing
a session you autimatically contribute it to the "Free and Open
Curriculum of AUL" - hehe - and the next lab will be composed of
sessions from that curriculum, i propose herewith - makes sense?

If someone is wiki shy then just sent proposals to the list, but it is
possible to click edit on the wiki and then simply copy and paste the
section of another proposal and then change the facts (more wiki info

but basically, give us something to work with, give us indications of
whether you are coming or not, so that we can get it together in a
collective as possible manner!


wiki: each entry for a proposaed course can look like this:

===[[AUL/Curriculum:Anti-capitalistJurisprudence|"What good is private
* privacy, civil liberties and anti-capitalist jurisprudence
** 3-4 hours, 5-12 people and no need for introductory texts/reading,
although it may be helpful

<hr> = Horizontal bReak, which is a line across the page

=== (which must always end with "===") = a headline, or section title,
which then appears in the table of contents at the top of the page

[[AUL/Curriculum:Anti-capitalistJurisprudence|"What good is private
property?"]] = gives you a link to a new page, which is where details of
the session can be put - this page will be called

and the link on the page will appear as = "What good is private

* is a bullet point and if there are two **s, then it is level deeper,
as you can see on the page

hope that helps...

On Fri, 2005-11-18 at 18:57 +0000, owl wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, 2005-11-18 at 09:56 -0800, Anthony McCann wrote:
> > I'm not sure if my offfer for a guided-workshop-on-[my particular take
> > on]-enclosure idea would fit with the new format, but I'm flexible,
> > and happy enough to go with the flow.
> Yes, that is the challenge, in my opinion.
> We have to see if we can compose a weekend that will make us happy.
> The programme on http://www.knowledgelab.org.uk/wiki/Lab2Programme is
> only a skeleton, but in its technocratic structure it reveals a bit of
> truth: if we want longer and intimate intense discussion in smaller
> groups, we can only have about
> 2 sessions a day given that we have entertainment and socialing high on
> the agenda as well (live music, multimedia tech cornucopia, wine and
> food).
> We have 2½ days (if we stay all Sunday, but travel is bad on Sunday
> anyway, so) - that is about
> 5 sessions in one dimension (time)
> adding space we multiply by 4 - (maybe 5 if we get another room on a
> floor above the IAS, such as in CESAGen, for instance).
> So 20-25 slots to fill with content/themes/topics/questions/problems/
> However, given that there is a desire for smaller groups, the 4 rooms
> only leaves us with capacity for, say, 50 people actively debating.
> With a fifth -and give and take some randomness outside of rooms-, we
> can maybe host 77-99 people - is that a fair estimate? Is that exlusive?
> -
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