[knowledgelab] "minifesto" - for the constitution of virtual, post-national states.

dante at ecobytes.net dante at ecobytes.net
Sun Oct 15 01:05:05 BST 2006

Eventually , some day , trust networks , such as hospitalityclub.org , or couchsurfing.com ,

will be ( actually , they already are for certain people :-)  )  channels of communication and organization that might have more impact on the individuals engaged in them , then national goverments. 

the structure , and power structures , related to such trust networks , are the politics of today and tommorrow...

but then offcourse , people might then be able to choose what network politics and structures correspond best to their choices... 

see below for a somewhat related idea...


The minimal compact: An open-source constitution for post- national states


Of interest are alternatives that are designed from the beginning to 
 - Ensure the greatest freedom for the greatest number, without simultaneously abridging the freedoms of others.
 - Permit individuals with common goals and beliefs to act in their own interest at the global level and with all the privileges afforded nation states, even when those individuals are separated by distance.
 - Provide robust resistance to attempts to concentrate power, and other abuses of same.
 This paper is intended to sketch, however schematically, just such an alternative.

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