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marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Fri Oct 27 13:53:38 BST 2006


5 short movies by 5 film makers
about 5 networked art projects.

Free Media - Mongrel
Polyfaith - Chris Dooks
Golden Shot (Revisited) - Simon Poulter
Want and Need - C6
VisitorsStudio - Furtherfield

5 short movies by 5 film makers about 5 networked art projects exploring 
imaginative and critical approaches to social engagement. Furtherfield 
has commissioned 5 short movies about 5 UK-produced networked art 
projects which explore critical approaches to social engagement.

These pieces offer alternative interfaces to the artworks and the 
every-day artistic practices of their producers. They introduce the 
motivations and social contexts of artists and artists' groups who are 
working with DIY approaches to digital technology and its culture, where 
medium and distribution channels merge.

These movies each feature the concepts, contexts and techniques involved 
in the creation of five specific pieces of work. They include 
conversations between artists, audiences/participants and film- makers, 
talking on their own terms.

Original concept and production Furtherfield, London, UK, 2006.
In association with HTTP Gallery [House of Technologically Termed 
Praxis], London, UK.
Made with the support of Stiftelsen Laangmanska Kulturfonden and Mejan 
Labs in Stockholm, Sweden - Arts Council of England and Awards for All 
in UK.

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