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Dante-Gabryell Monson dante at ecobytes.net
Mon Oct 30 15:39:39 GMT 2006

Hi Helen , Hi All KnowledgeLab friends, ( cc: www.tsolife.org friends ; cc:
hc-ecology friends ; bcc: Cornelia )

If you do not manage to find a venue in England , we can do it here ( see
link below )
in Germany for free ( or based on voluntary donation to cover the house's
heating costs  )



There are at least 14 comfortable beds ( I will ask the exact number to my
friend Cornelia ) - but if you also consider the space available for those
that do not mind sleeping on the floor , I guess it at least doubles - or
more then doubles - the capacity - and in summer time , we could even use
tents outside ;-) ) , special places for meeting  , its a relative big
property that counts several houses , ... If you/all of us are interested ,
I can send you some more pictures of the different houses of the property
and the rooms ( and several kitchens , bathrooms , etc ) .

This place is my friend Cornelia and her husband Hartwig's place, situated
in the countryside, about 45minutes/1 hour walk from the centre of a small
and pittoresque german city called Detmold ( there is also a bus to get to
the centre ) , and my friend Cornelia also owns a house in the centre of
Detmold which is not used at the moment ( it used to be one of her shops )

I am here at her house outside of Detmold at the very moment while writing
this reply.
Detmold itself is about 20-30 kilometers from a German city called

see on map:


It is not difficult to hitch hike here ( from London I guess It could take
about 16 to 18 hours hitch hiking ) , or for those that do not have time to
hitch hike , do not have the money to take trains or busses , and do not
live nearby , and have no issues with polluting big time by taking a plane ,
there is Ryanair that flies from English to German cities.

But then , if you are interested in this German venue , maybe one of us from
the UK has a big Van ( working on biofuel?? ) in which some of the
interested people from the UK could come with , and then divide the petrol
costs between each other?

I just brainstorm possibilities to see what you think about it

Cornelia and me talked about having some meetings here - Cornelia is
enthousiastic about it, but we need to tell her a bit in advance ( sometimes
there are other seminars here ) , and also see how many people she and her
husband would be happy to have here. ( I guess that 20 people is no problem
, but for 50 , or 100 people ( or more ) , I guess its a different story and
experience for them... which I do not think they experimented on this place

Let me know



On 10/30/06, Helen Graham 3 <hg596 at tutor.open.ac.uk> wrote:
> Dear Adrian,
> Thanks for your comments - will work in to the draft call for
> contributions a more explict strand on embodied knowledges following your
> suggestions (and a workshop that explored viserality and physicality in
> knowledge would be fantasic). Keep the comments/additions/edits and
> substractions coming!
> If Nottingham isn't a goer, then it would be fantastic, Adrian, if you
> could explore the accomodation options in Winchester. If we follow the
> Lancaster model, we would need three/four workshop rooms, plus space for
> eating/socialising. Plus some kind of overnight accomodation. I now work at
> the Open University in Milton Keynes, so will try and do the same. Be good
> if we could firm up a venue within the next couple of weeks, then we can fix
> a date and start advertising for workshops.
> Helen
> Adrian Harris <adrian at gn.apc.org> writes:
> >Hi,
> >Helen Graham 3 wrote:
> >> During the summer I posted a draft call for contributions focusing
> >on
> >> the issues of production and
> >> dissemination of knowledge based on contributions to the KLab list.
> >I'm researching embodied knowledge (aka embodied cognition) and this
> >relates to several of the strands you propose:
> >> • What is knowledge? What is at stake in its definition?
> >> • How is knowledge produced? Who produces it and where? How is it
> >> validated?
> >> • How is knowledge circulated? What factors limit this circulation?
> >> • What are the cultural conditions necessary for particular
> >knowledges
> >> to be credible? How can the audiences for alternative knowledges,
> >like
> >> those produced by activist and campaign groups, be increased?
> >Depending on who I'm talking to, I typically get three responses which I
> >find relevant:
> >Those who are grounded in an Enlightenment philosophical tradition ,
> >though they probably won't be aware of it, imply that I'm an idiot - how
> >can the body possibly know anything?!
> >Those with a background in bodywork and/or dance, shrug as if to say,
> >'well, isn't it just obvious that the body knows?'
> >The third group - thankfully the majority - look a little puzzled but
> >intrigued: They've been taught that only the brain 'knows', but have a
> >gut feeling that there's more to it.
> >> • The role of emotion in creating and transmitting knowledge
> >There's some useful research on this. Damasio is probably a good start.
> >(Damasio, A., 1994. /Descartes' error: Emotion, reason and the human
> >brain. /Grosset/Putnam, New York).
> >> • How the link between local knowledges based on culturally specific
> >> experiences might link to shared knowledges. How can this
> >specificity
> >> be valued and communicated?
> >There is some fascinating sociological research in this area that
> >explore how children learn about their culture through the body. Then
> >there's the habitus and hexis of Mauss and Bourdieu, which form a
> >'technique of the body':
> >
> >"Bodily hexis is political mythology realized, em-bodied, tuned into a
> >permanent disposition, a durable way of standing, speaking, walking, and
> >thereby of feeling and thinking". (Bourdieu, P., 1990. /The Logic of
> >Practice/, Polity Press, Cambridge: 69-70).
> >
> >More at:
> >http://www.thegreenfuse.org/harris/e-cognition.htm
> >
> >I'm keen to explore this. I'm happy to see if I can get my University
> >interested - Winchester. I don't think there's cheap/free accommodation
> >available though. Happy to help more generally if geography allows.
> >
> >Cheers!
> >Adrian
> >
> >
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