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Please see below (and attached) details of a forthcoming conference at

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** Please circulate to anyone who might be interested in participating. **

Love in Our World; Call for Papers

The Research Network on Love at the University of Manchester is holding
its first conference, Love in Our World, on 27-28 November 2008 with Leela
Gandhi (University of Chicago) as one of the keynote speakers.  As a
concept, experience, ethic, and subject of study, love remains one of the
most elusive phenomena.  Despite millennia of study and writing on love,
it is difficult; if not impossible; to define what love is, what love
does, or what love means.  Yet we continue to try to make sense of its
place in our lives and in our worlds, and to understand how it shapes us
both as individuals and as communities; whether we understand love as an
abstract universal ethic, or a contingent, contextual way of being social
in the world.  Few would deny that love; for better and worse; animates,
shapes, and motivates our beliefs, our relationships, and our endeavours.
And while it may not be possible to say what love is, we wonder still at
how love works; what shapes it might take.  It is, perhaps, the question
of how we see love working in and on our lives (professional, personal,
and political) that provides the conceptual space for us to give shape to
a concept that is, essentially, shapeless.

Love in Our World is a multidisciplinary conference through which
participants will attempt to trace some of the contours of love in their
professional and artistic work, in what might be termed a desire to give
ex-pression to our understandings of love and its impact on and meaning
for our lives.  We welcome proposals from all areas of academic study or
professional life that speak to the concept of love.  Traditional academic
paper or panel proposals exploring diverse questions surrounding love are
welcome, and we strongly encourage photographers, artists, creative
writers, musicians, and other professionals to share their work as it
relates to love.  If you wish to participate in Love in Our World, please
send us your abstract of about 300 words (or equivalent description of
your intended contribution) by 10 April 2008 at
researchonlove at manchester.ac.uk.


Professor Maja Zehfuss

Centre for International Politics


School of Social Sciences

The University of Manchester

Oxford Road

M13 9PL

maja.zehfuss at manchester.ac.uk

Phone: ++44-161-2754937

BISA Poststructural Politics Working Group

Angharad Closs Stephens
Nick Vaughan-Williams

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