[knowledgelab] Shift Magazine no.8

Raphael Schlembach Raphael.Schlembach at postgrad.manchester.ac.uk
Fri Jan 22 16:21:45 UTC 2010

Hi all,

Issue 8 of Shift Magazine is available now. It should be in radical  
bookshops and social centres soon, or can be ordered from the website.

This time, we have reports and analyses from Copenhagen, a look at  
Griffin's appearance on Question Time, and an interview with  
geographer Erik Swyngedouw.

The focus is on the (im)possibility of alternative practice in a  
post-political world. To this effect, Anarchist FAQ author Ian McKay  
provides a critique of mutualism that shows up the limits of a  
cooperative lifestyle and the need for antagonistic action.

All content will be online eventually. So far you can read the  
editorial here: http://shiftmag.co.uk/?p=327

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