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Below is a list that he could consider for the women in revloution option.
 Personally, I would opt for the women angle as there is likely to be much
more general scope as any essay on women can draw from feminist
contributions, which even a non-russian expert can relate to, and women
are obviously a much larger group, than anarchists, and one by-passes the
definition issue more easily (who was an anarchist etc) making the type of
contribution possible in a 2K essay easier (ie he can hit the depth he
needs without having to be too narrowly focused).  If he gets say two
volumes out of the library etc and then suppliments it with a couple of
articles it will look good. Articles are much shorter and tend to be to
the point too.  As a final bit of advice, if he cant get hold of the books
in question, try searching online for reviews of them, the type you get at
the back of journals.  It gives you a what Mr/Mrs eminent expert thinks
about the book,(usually around the time of its publication) which if you
change the words but steal their opinion is good for chucking in a bit of
referencing point scoring!

Best of luck - if he cant get access to the journals online, maybe find a
friend at a university who shoudl have access to maybe email them.

Jo x








On Sun, January 24, 2010 17:44, Gail Chester wrote:
> My son is about to start doing an extended essay for his A2 History on a
> topic of his choosing. At the moment his main interests are either
> Anarchists and the Russian Revolution or Women and the Russian
> Revolution.  He has been told by his teacher that she doesn't know
> anything about these topics (expletive deleted), so before he can embark
> on them he will need to find out a) if there are suitable academic texts
> for him to read and b) if there are issues and debates within the topic.
> (I know, I know, please do not shoot the messenger!)
> I am not at all expert in this area, so I wondered whether the combined
> wisdom of the group (or the group's friends, if anybody knows any other
> suitable lists to forward this request to) could come up with any helpful
> suggestions.  Please bear in mind that this is an A Level essay of only
> 2000 words, so we cannot expect my poor lad to plough through too many
> huge, dense tomes.
> Best wishes, Gail_______________________________________________
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