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Sun Aug 14 14:47:59 UTC 2005

Peter Marshall (1993), in "Demanding the Impossible":-

"After the bloody suppression of the Paris Commune
of 1871, and the repressive measures of governments
throughout Europe against radicals, it is true that
some anarchists grew impatient with gradual reform
through education and participation in the labour 
movement and began to adopt a strategy of 'propaganda
of the deed' to speed up the advent of the revolution."
(p. 631-632)

Marshall associates the earliest advocation of 'the propaganda 
of the deed' with Piscane. (Malatesta, only later, 
i think, referred to the "insurrectionary deed".)...

"The anarchist practise of 'propaganda of the deed'
reached its apogee in the 1880s and 1890s when kings,
presidents and ministers were attacked throughout
Europe. The perpetrators were often motivated by a 
sense of retribution."
(p. 632-633)

"Given the anarchists' respect for the soverignty 
of the individual, in the long run it is 
non-violence and not violence which is implied by
anarchist values.... Unfortunatley, the association 
of anarchism with violence, both in a brief period 
of its history, and in the popular imagination,
has left a dilemma for its adherents. On the one
hand, its reputation for illegality has undoubtedly
attracted certain individuals who are interested in 
mindless violence for its own sake. On the other,
its philosophical rigour and idealism appeal to those 
who are most repelled by indescrimate acts of violence"
(p. 637) 

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