[LAF] May 14th LAF at Ramparts - Stevphen and SOMA

justin hooper_jackson at yahoo.com
Tue May 3 16:56:26 UTC 2005

Right - this is times of the
talks/workshops for the 14th
that i think would work (following 
Christian's suggestions)...

[Anyone with objections/alternative
suggestions please e-mail LAF list ASAP
- i'm working on the flyers,
and want to get them out ASAP, so strongly
suggest sending only very important objections]...


Meet from 12:30 at Ramparts
(with snacks and soft drinks?)

Stevphen's talk starts: 1:15
Discussion: 2 - 3 
(Stevphen - take note this means
a talk of about 45mins. I.e., personally,
i'd much prefer a longer talk than 30mins
if possible!)
(maybe there'd be a 15 min break in between talk and
discussion, if that's what people would like, on the day)
(the idea of starting at 1:15 (rather than
1:00) is that it gives latecomers a chance
to get to Ramparts b4 talk starts!)

Break: 3:00 - 3:30
(maybe snacks and soft drinks)

Soma 3:30 - 6:30
(with various 15min breaks in between

Then maybe food and drink,
possibly stalls (Black Cat Press?), maybe DJ's
and music... (will look into this
- will contact Selene, from Ramparts,
about this - have some ideas on this)...


Food/drinks? suggest supplied by
LAF and Rampart jointly and co-orgainsed
likewise - donations on the day will
go to Ramparts and LAF...

Music/DJ's?: will contact Ramparts
about this. Anyone have suggestions
for bands/DJ's? I know a few...   
Will discuss with Ramparts... (so far they
suggested punk bands...). If we do an 
evening event maybe we could also raise
money for G8 protests too?


--- ANTINES <antines at fsmail.net> wrote:

> Justin
> Could you please confirm times and order of play for the 14th ASAP and I will put it in
> events and issues and update the site
> hope you got the extra flyers I left at the press
> Suggestion for 2nd meeting in May 28th (Sat) at Freedom Press 
>    http://www.streetfinder.co.uk/
> When you send out details of the 14th if you find out the FULL postal code for Rampart
> (I think its published in Freedom)  if you include the above link, if people visit the
> site and 
> Key in the post code it will bring up a Map
> Does this clash with anything?. If you dont  have a speaker in mind
> I understand we are to have a second meeting in May at Freedom Press
> suggest 28th unless it will clash again
> Alf Todd promised some months ago he would come up with something(Steve has his contact
> details in fact you should get them so you can let him know about the 14th as he is not
> online (I usually send him details by post
> Start New Deal On Tues so wont see you next week and possibly until the 14th
> Ed
> Visit The Events And Issues Website 
>   http://www.eventsandissues.bravehost.com/ 
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