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Mon Oct 3 12:40:14 UTC 2005

I think my posts re the 7th have now got through but the 3rd did not
The plan is now to meet at the GALHA meeting in the Library at 730
the talk will end before 830 at which point we find some where to go on to
Joy and I want to attend the GALHA meeting in any case
so we  will be there  even if there is no LAF meeting afterwards

steve ash <steveash_2001 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
Can't now get to Sat 8th meeting due to own resource
crisis, but here's my contribution in the form of some
facts and figures:

Current World Oil Consumption = approx 77 
million barrels a day. Total world oil consumption
could reach around 100 million barrels per day over
next 10 years (US = 20 percent).

Estimated Resources

Middle East Oil = 263.5 billion (US 1000 million)
barrels as of 2000. (Life at current rate = 9 years
or 2000-2009. Though may become uneconomic by 2007)

Caspian Sea Oil Reserves = 235 billion barrels. (Life
at median rate = 7 years or 2009-2016)

Remaining World Oil Reserves = 1,400 billion (US 1000
million) barrels (Life at max rate = 38 years or

US agenda currently to contain Middle East and open up
Caspian resources under their control. Also in
desperate race to find next oil field.

Can someone send details of meeting to
fraser at parallel-youniversity.com before Tuesday
morning, saying its for inclusion in UP! ezine. 
He had a very large debate on Peak Oil in his own
event last Saturday. Might attract a lot of people,
his ezine has a world readership of 100,000 people.

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