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  Mark Thomas, CAMPACC and Kurdish Federation UK

End the criminalization of the Kurds
No to UK Ban on KONGRA-GEL

Wednesday, 9 August, 5.30-7pm
Downing Street
Whitehall, SW1

The recent decision by the British government to add the Kurdish organisation  KONGRA-GEL to the list of banned organisations under Anti-Terrorism Act 2006 represents a further step in criminalising the Kurdish community in Europe. 
This step follows the adoption of new anti-terrorism by Turkey which criminalises basic civil rights such as freedom of __expression. Despite a new wave of repression in south-eastern Turkey the Kurdish people continue to believe in, and press for, a peaceful solution as urged also be Abdullah Ocalan. Criminalising their representative bodies which are urging the peaceful path to achieving democratic, human and cultural rights only reinforces the difficulties of achieving a democratic and political resolution of the Kurdish question. 
The Kurdish Federation UK supported by Mark Thomas, Peace in Kurdistan Campaign (PKC) and CAMPACC have called an emergency protest against the decision, to proscribe KONGRA-GEL, which will take place at Downing Street, Whitehall, London SW1 London on 9 August from 5.30-7pm. 

Further information: PIK & CAMPACC
Tel 020 7586 5892 or 020 7272 4131
Estella24 at tiscali.co.uk
www.campacc.org.uk <http://www.campacc.org.uk> 
Kurdish Federation UK
Tel 07979 662 065

We have prepared a petition against this decision below.
  Contact address above   (Ed)



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