[LAF] Bouncing addresses

Ian Gregory aktiv at zenatode.org.uk
Fri Feb 9 17:06:24 UTC 2007


Yesterday I got five emails from the aktivix mailing list manager,
informing me that five subscribers to the LAF list have had their
subscriptions disabled due to excessive bounces. This just means
that the mailing list has been consistently unable to deliver
email to these addresses:

prisonisacrime at yahoo.co.uk (Brighton ABC)
annee22000 at yahoo.co.uk (Anita Chaplin)
Dianoia at btinternet.com (??)
ayad.hindi at btinternet.com (??)
steveash_2001 at yahoo.co.uk (Steve Ash)

I have not tried to send individual emails to tose accounts
since I have no reason to disbelieve aktivix when it says they
are undeliverable, but it seems odd that it happened to so many
at the same time. There was another one aout a week ago:

al102 at hotmail.com (??)

If you think that any of these addresses are in fact still working
then let be know and I will investigate further.


Ian Gregory

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