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> Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 21:39:04 +0000> From: joy_helbin at hotmail.com> Subject: [Fwd: Women in London] Scotland now has a national rape crisis helpline> > --- In londonfeministnetwork, 
> Launch of Rape Crisis Scotland National Helpline> > The launch of the new Rape Crisis Scotland National Helpline> will take place on Thursday 11th October.> > The National Helpline is for anyone affected by sexual violence,> no matter when or how it happened. It will be open from 6pm to> midnight, 7 days a week, and will offer free and confidential> initial and crisis support and information. The helpline will> also be able to put people in touch with local rape crisis> centres or other services for ongoing support. The helpline will> offer a minicom service for Deaf or hard of hearing people, and> will be able to arrange for language interpreters for callers> whose first language is not English.> > The freephone National Helpline number (voice and minicom) is:> 08088 01 03 02> > [Please note the number does not become operational until 6pm on> Thurday 11th October 2007]> http://www.rapecrisisscotland.org.uk/news.htm> > Link also has information on:> * Research reveals that the law fails to protect women from> questioning about sexual history and character> * Scottish government commits to reform the law on rape> * New figures released by the Scottish Government reveal the> following differences in the number of reported rapes, attempted> rapes and other "crimes of indecency" over the past year.> * Other figures also show that clear-up rates for rape &> attempted rape fell by 7%, and indecent assault by 5%> > > (see newspaper story about this at 
http://www.quicktopic.com/19/H/nV4WDtdd6iMqf/m2623)> --- End forwarded message ---
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