[LAF] LAF Book Fair/Curry Time 18th July

Ed McArthur antines at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 22 12:57:11 UTC 2008

We will be having  two rather than three talks at this years  Book fair  I will post details of Jocelyns  on the LAF Page  today and Steves as soon as he 
sends it(Steve could you cc to me the blurb you send to Tony)
Adrian  did you say you and Joy would be away this week end or next(2/3 Aug)  I thought Joy said she wanted to go to Mathews thing  on Sunday so you
must bhave said or meant  2/3
So if you will be around will you both make the Curry
House this Sat?  I think I will make a point of getting there at 6;30 or shortly after
Things seem to hgave gone pear shaped for LAF meetings in July/Aug perhaps we could have a go at  holding something in Sep  and organising some thing for Nov at a venue where we could advertise it on the 18th Oct
See you

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