[LAF] 2008 May 24 - Demonstration to voice opposition to imprisonment of Russian Anti-Fascist Aleksey Olesinov

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As some of you may know Aleksey "Shkobar" Olesinov has been convicted of
"hooliganism" (for allegedly fighting with the night club guard) and sentenced
to 1 year in prison on April 21 in Tagan court in Moscow, Russia. Aleksey is an
active antifascist, his conviction is a total farce, the state could not produce
a single person who had any damages as a result of this "hooliganism".

Originally Stanislav Markelov was a lawyer representing Aleksey in court.
Markelov did warn that soon all the political movements which do not explicitly
ally themselves with the state apparatus will feel the wrath of the state. In
January 19 this year Markelov was killed in the centre of Moscow.

After the sentencing the (peaceful) demonstrations of antifascists were
violently stopped by the police, and later lies were spread about "smashing
store windows". Russian state gets away with this because they are able to
repress the people within Russia, and there is very little outcry from the
international public (it is often more popular to attack USA and other Western
powers). It is essential to show the support with the antifascist activists in
Russia to stop this trend.

Please show up near the Russian Federation Embassy
(http://www.great-britain.mid.ru/) at noon on May 24th (Sunday) to partake in
the "unplanned" peaceful demonstration against the state fascism by RF. The
embassy complex takes a few buildings, we'll decide where we're going to be on
the day.


Actions in Moscow:


Warning: Both actions were illegal. First was an unauthorised demo, and the
second one is along the lines of 'extracting the cost of imprisonment from the
state' as Ward Churchill puts it.

http://piter.indymedia.org/node/5573 (pre-sentencing in english)
http://ru.indymedia.org/feature/display/13332/index.php (in russian)

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