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Ms. Quint msquint at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 6 22:55:22 BST 2005

 I joined the list to propose an event for the space - Dave Roche - zine
    writer and author of the (now in book form) On Subbing is on tour around the
    UK from Portland with his zine. He writes about staying true to his diy
    ethics while working as a supply teacher in special schools round Portland.
    The zine is great, and the book, put out by Microcosm Publishing, is bigger
    and better.
    I'm proposing a general reading evening for Dave plus local zinesters,
    although it could be combined with bands as well, and hopefully would give
    local distros an opportunity to table. Kathleen and I can be contacted for
    more info, (though she's away at the moment) and we're hoping to do it the
    evening of the 22, 23 or 24 July.
    I'd like to come to the planning meeting on the 18th, but if this is going
    to happen we'd need to help get it organised before that to make sure it's
    all go.
    How do people feel about this? (I've got a spare copy of Dave's zine to lend
    as well, if anyone's interested.)
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