[matilda] Sheffield Hacklab proposal we have the

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Thu Jul 14 18:38:23 BST 2005

wood tools. a room with own front door onto matlida street.. In the next few
days ill draw some lose ideas ie plans onto paper.. was thinking of just
takeing down the benches where the lab is now.. haveing looked it would be to
much of a job.. there is enough wood to create new desktops.. we have all the
computers including scanner printer ill bung in two cd burners.. i reckon talk
monday come up with a day for building the benches into the room.. doing other
task such as fixing locks repairing the broken windows cleaning the stairs
toilet and kitchen area.. it might be cool to get some paint from re paint do a
re paint on the space as we are doing the other work.. then move in the donated
computers.. set up the net work and we should be running.. ill bung these
thoughts onto paper with the plans.. all we are in need off is some chairs and
kitchen stuff ie mugs kettle that kind of shit.. all the other stuff we need is
here in the space.. so with a weekend of hardish work we could have the space


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