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Jase spodulike at freeuk.com
Mon Jul 18 09:26:18 BST 2005

How about a Matilda space at Shefstock? Course it might not be the most
condusive atmosphere for clear thinking:) Alternatively there are many lovely
green spaces in and around Shef which could provide an afternoons picnic.

And thanks for the (first half?) G8 protest report, really good reading,


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Subject: [ssf] Encounter in the outdoors

> The Sheffield / Leeds neighbourhood in Stirling was great. This might be a
long shot, though not necesarily. Does anybody on these lists fancy in some
way re-living that memorable experience and going out to camp in the Peaks
some time while the weather is still good? Here, surrounded by something other
than the usual meeeting rooms, and with a campfire and songs into the night,
we could flesh out some of the future for Sheffield's activist scene, regards
Matilda and SSF... I think this could be a greatly animated and productive
encounter... Seems silly to lock ourselves away in closed rooms all of the
time, just as we do at work, when there still some beautiful world out there.
> Just a thought.
> Benjamin.


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