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The follwoing notes are on this wiki page, feel free to
corect them there :-)


  The meeting started at 7:40 and it was facilated.

There were around people at the meeting and people briefly introduced themselves.

1 Info sharing

    * Yorkshire Foward (http://www.yorkshire-forward.com/) own the building, Adrenalin Studios (http://www.adrenalinstudios.co.uk/) are a tennant. A legal team was suggested. One thing that the building can't be used for is rehearsal space for bands due to noise issues for Adrenalin.
    * The building is unheated in winter.
    * Last meeting ideas. Top 8 ideas were, Cafe, Group Meetings, Book / Info Shop, Parties, Clown Space, Art Studios, Storage / Office Space, Exhibition Space. 

2 First Projects and Upcoming Events

    * Gallery to be a gallery and can also used for film night and meetings etc.
    * Room above gallery could be used for clowns
    * Top floor artists painters etc and also crash accomodation
    * Front building top floor for Hacklab and SSF
    * Front building ground floor, darkroom
    * Parties - everywhere!
    * Matilda Magazine
    * Creche
    * Roof Garden
    * Shared office space
    * Cafe / book / info shop
    * Community action group
    * Drugs Support Work
    * Think sports - chess etc
    * Refugees
    * Bio desiel
    * Shefstock (http://www.shefstock.some.org.uk/) info cafe
    * Kids yoga
    * Library
    * Party
    * Collective Meals
    * Hacklab
    * Someone proposed a birthday party 

3 Guiding Principals

    * PGA Hallmarks (http://www.nadir.org/nadir/initiativ/agp/free/pga/hallm.htm)
    * Sustainability 

Feedback from small groups

Some ideas were fed back...

    * Main thing is to get things up and running
    * Some things need to be decided by the whole group, eg the long term usage of a space.
    * Event planning to be done by putting a proposal up on a noticeboard / blackboard and if there is no veto then the caretaker group sorts out the details.
    * Weekly / Monthly meeting for the whole group ideally with one person from each group, this to be an open meeting.
    * Each collective to advertise their meetings and have one or two person to go to the meeting of the whole group.
    * Consensus - there doesn't seem to be a consensus on using consensus.
    * Smaller groups could work on ideas and bring them back to the whole group.
    * Plan of building, naming of rooms.
    * Diary in each room
    * Ground rules could be decided
    * Some thought PGA principals too complicated others didn't agree
    * Security / noise issues need to sorted by a small group
    * Working group to look at other social centres
    * How is this different from a state funded social centre - no grants, no money, LETS?
    * Weekly meeting to have veto on proposals
    * Darkroom idea was agreed
    * Someone volunteered to be a caretaker for the next few weeks
    * How to divide up money from parties
    * The role of the email list
    * Web site 

There seemed to be consensus on some of these things:

    * We will have some system to veto some events
    * Veto can be on black / notice board or email list
    * There has to be an way of deciding about what things / events can happen
    * We should try to encourage things to happen, things can happen unless they are not OK.
    * Certain types of events are pre-approved
    * There are ground rules for the type of events that happen
    * Some events shouldn't need to get agreement of whole group
    * There needs to be some means for people to put on one-off events
    * We will set up some kind of room booking system
    * We will divide things into project collectives
    * Caretaker / one-off events groups / events coordination
    * A agreed mediation method for interpersonal conduct
    * We have a meeting next week
    * Blackboard
    * Meeting notes to go on notice board and email list
    * Names shouldn't be used in meeting notes
    * Seeds for Change (http://seedsforchange.org.uk/) workshop 12-5pm on Saturday on consensus decision making
    * Zine reading on Saturday night
    * There was agreement that people could sell things like magazines
    * Two people to facilitate the next meeting were agreed 

4 Small Project Groups

People said what things they were interested in working on and then the meeting continued as many informal discussions. 


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