[matilda] Cafe, film and other stuff night...?

Chris chris at aktivix.org
Tue Jul 19 21:57:27 BST 2005


This is an idea for screening some Indymedia films.

On Tue 19-Jul-2005 at 11:56:56AM +0100, Dan wrote:
> Ruth and me talked about the first cafe-night - we were
> thinking Thursday 28th July in the evening.
> Chris also mentioned a couple of films we could show.

I was thinking the Notts IMC Sheffield G8 film and the
Sheffield G8 film James has done, both are 15mins long,
perhaps the film makers would be able to make it on the
night as well?

What Sheffield Indymedia needs to sort out is a projector
(is the Commedia one available?) and someone to go along
with a laptop and do the screening -- any volunteers?


> So - more ideas for Thursday! If anyone else has got any
> ideas on what lovely cafe-food could be combined with,
> then write to the list!  It could be a whole menagerie
> of things...
> Maybe we could have a jamming / open mike night
> following the films.  (Without the mike, so it would be
> *really* easy!)

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