[matilda] Films...

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Fri Jul 22 12:59:39 BST 2005

Hallo again!

If we can get hold of a PC projector to watch films, can we make a list 
of good films that we'd want to share with others?

That would be a nice easy way of getting people together.  And its not a 
public showing as such...

Some that I'd like to start with include:

Network (1976) is director Sidney Lumet's brilliant criticism of the 
hollow, lurid wasteland of television journalism and corporate hell.  
Paddy Chayefsky's black, prophetic, satirical commentary/criticism of 
corporate evil is an insightful indictment of the rabid desire for 
ratings. Indignation toward the network executives by an unbalanced 
news-anchorman (Finch) ("I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it 
anymore") is manipulated by ruthless VP programming boss (Dunaway) for 
further ratings.

The film had a total of ten Academy Award nominations with four wins.

Brazil (1985) - "Categorically, one of the greatest films of the 
century--about a lowly clerk in a postmodern dystopia fighting to regain 
a sense of self against the all-powerful machine of government tyranny. 
As fought-over as Citizen Kane. As filled with nuance and meaning as A 
Clockwork Orange. As prophetic as 1984. Anyone who doesn't like Brazil 
is a fascist. You can tell them I said so."

Really dark, funny, and lots of amusing terrorist references... 

I have Network, but not Brazil at the mo.

Anyone got any films they'd like to share?


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