[matilda] Other website suggestions

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Tue Jul 26 10:59:01 BST 2005

first i did think matilda.org was available however speaking with the person who
did this task it seems cross communacation happend.. so go here
http://www.ukreg.com/ukreg.exe you will find out for yourself what is available
and what is not etc..

i was thinking 111matildast.org but over to you..

can people let us know by friday as we are very much in need of a web page..

allright yes i like mambo but one is the code far to much.. two i feel basic
html as i have done  here http://peace.lowtech.org/matilda/ is far more easy to
teach and for people to understand.. tools like mambo can empower but also
disempower as like dreamweaver it dose it for you..

here we should be thinking about self empowerment and not useing tools that do
not do this..

just an example <p><li><strong>This page as with our space is very much work in

the <p> is the start of a paragraph you close it with </p>

then you can add <li> wich will make it into a list then of course close with

stong make the letters stand out..

i would normaley do this in css as you will see i have added a basic css to this
page in with the html..

now mabmo would reprduce three times the code.. plus i aint going to keep
updating the server to much of a task..

this means if we used mambo we would have to spend time in teaching people how
to update the server and how all the back end of mambo works..

yes mambo has some good points but i feel the bad ones make it unworkable if you
whant to see what mambo is about go here http://www.mamboserver.com/


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